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Assessments, acupuncture, rehabilitation, education, personal training –Balance Health Physiotherapy offers one-on-one personal attention, focused on realistic fixes and practical improvement. Whether you’re in need of treatment for sports or other injuries, pain or strains, tendonitis or arthritis, accident or other injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, or if you’re working within the guidelines of a Workers Compensation claim, we’re committed to working with you in providing the highest quality rehabilitation care available.

Our distinctive one-on-one treatment philosophy and owner/operator Steve Lawlor’s designation as PEI’s only fully certified McKenzie Method ® Therapist are only two of the reasons that Balance Health Physiotherapy are leaders in locally-provided physiotherapy. Our philosophy also encompasses the knowledge that you are the most important member of the rehabilitation team. By providing comprehensive, individual and goal-oriented treatment that emphasizes therapeutic exercises and active patient participation in the rehabilitation process, we empower patients to treat themselves.  More…


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The 1:1 Advantage

Treatment focused on you…

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The One-to-One Advantage

Our one-to-one physiotherapy treatment style is not only an essential element in what we offer at Balance Health Physiotherapy, it is also key in your effective and successful treatment/training. Simply put, we do not treat multiple clients at the same time.

One-to-One Treatment

Many physiotherapy clinics juggle multiple clients at the same time, leaving them hooked up to machines while they attend to others. Having worked in a number of clinics in the past under different treatment models, I began to see that the one-to-one model was the most effective way to treat clients. We believe that divided attention and shared client time does not allow for adequate individual care, and complete assessment of previous treatments and home exercise programs.

The unique, individualized one-to-one treatment model at Balance Health Physiotherapy avoids these issues. By giving the client our undivided attention in a private treatment room, we are able to thoroughly assess, diagnose, educate and provide the appropriate treatment, effectively treating each client.



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The McKenzie Method employs a unique approach to assessment. The practitioner begins by gathering a thorough patient history followed by testing repeated movements, positions and activities in order to determine a “cause and effect” relationship between the exercise and your pain.


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The McKenzie philosophy is centered on educating the patient and encouraging them to be active in the management of their condition. Using the information gathered during the assessment process, your physiotherapist will prescribe specific exercises and postures as part of your individualized treatment plan. The specific exercises will assist you in managing your pain or injury. The focus is on getting the patient better, faster, thus minimizing the number of visits to the clinic. In cases where a more complex problem exists, your McKenzie practitioner is trained in determining if additional hands-on treatment is required.


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Preventing a recurrence is easy by applying the learned exercises that were used in treating the present problem. The specific exercises which have been prescribed will help to resolve your problem and can be adapted to help prevent its return.


The McKenzie Method is arguably the most extensively researched physiotherapy treatment system and is centered around active patient involvement and education. The system has been adopted by highly trained health care professionals all over the world to assess, treat and prevent musculoskeletal conditions of the back, neck, and extremities.

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