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BHB1: Personal Development & Life Coaching – IMO

This is a pretty exciting venture for me and the idea of just opening up about topics near and dear to me is a little scary.  To most people who really know me I’m somewhat of an open book. That being said I do have a few chapters I “keep to myself”. A few days ago I opened up about one of those chapters through a social media post and briefly spoke about working with a life coach.  The experience has helped change my perspective of me. Yes me, not life in general or my opinions of others, it starts with me.

This is where the Balance Health Blog (BHB1) will begin.  Maximizing yourself or self-improvement starts with turning your attention away from how everything else affects you and retrains you to understand the relationship you have with the person in the mirror.  For me, man, I treated myself like shit. Overly critical, self-sabotaging, negative, insecure. These are just a few of the traits that dominated my internal dialogue. Sound familiar anyone? I know for a fact I am not the only one, but guess what guys, yes I mean men, we do a lousy job of talking about this subject.  Just take a look at social media, women dominate the area because they are actively seeking wisdom.

Sorry, I rant as well (whoops I’m not supposed to apologise for being me – Sorry #coachkorba).  Shit I said sorry again. Rachel Hollis certainly ran on this topic and wrote a New York Times best seller – Girl Stop Apologising (highly recommended).  But really, don’t apologise for being unique, for thinking differently than the “in crowd”, for having dreams. Self-love is the primary foundation of self-help IMO.  This is where a Life Coach can really help. In a very simplistic way, my coach helped me see how bad I was treating myself, how that was affecting my relationships, my business and my progress. Obviously there is more to it in my case, but a more “masculine” term that most would understand is “confidence”.  Being confident in who you are and the life you want to live. Not arrogant or cocky, the fact is, the majority of those people are the most insecure folks out there.

So where am I going with this.  Maybe you are a self-help or personal development junkie like me and have listened to everything out there (Tony Robbins, everything by Oprah, The Secret, Rachel Hollis, Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, Les Brown etc…).  Maybe you just feel like you have so much more to offer but you just feel overwhelmed or stuck. A Coach can be seen as a mentor that helps you identify your strengths and provide you with guidance in the areas you feel need improvement.  Simply put, it’s like that basketball coach who saw something more in you and helped you see it for yourself.

Success leaves clues.  The most successful people in business, entertainment and athletics, utilize mentors and “Life Coach’s” to find their edge.  Andre Agassi, one of the greatest tennis players in history, was struggling late in his career and most experts felt he was simply past his prime.  But for those old enough to remember (I am that old), he had a massive resurgence. What changed? He met Tony Robbins. Robbins didn’t teach him to hit a better forehand,  he challenged his current way of thinking, taught him how to maximize his mind set and re-framed his belief in himself. Knowledge of himself was his new power.

It may not be your cup of tea, but for me, working with Doreen Korba (#coachkorba) was the most enlightening 12 weeks of my life.  So if you want more out of your life, consider starting the process. Just be prepared, you may never go back to your old ways. So stay tuned.  The mission of this blog is to start sharing some of the material that has helped me, and to create a community where people can share ideas. It’s all about helping just one person.

Look in a mirror and smile,



Steve Lawlor MSc (PT), Cert. MDT
Owner / Physiotherapist
Balance Health Physio

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