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BHB6: Priorities & Passions

BHB6: Priorities & Passions

It really has been a long time since I formally sat down to write a blog.  I wise coach and fellow blogger once told me there will come a day that you just won’t have anything inspiring to blog about for a period of time. Not that life is any easier or less complex; I simply didn’t feel like it.  But I’ve also come to realize that this BLOG is my way journaling.  Let’s get at it,  2020 has been and continues to be a bizarre experience.  From lockdown, to closing and reopening my business, home schooling, CERB etc… This will certainly be a year to remember.  It has also been a time to reflect on my life and to ask some important questions about how I want to proceed in 2021.

For many of you entrepreneurs, you’ll get it.  Profit margins, cash flow, projections, marketing, you name it.  These are my daily thoughts, and for as many challenges that run through my head, I find myself stuck for answers on how to solve them.  I’m not going sugar coat life as a self-employed business owner. It’s up and down, back and forth.  Some months it’s amazing and some months it plain sucks.  So what is the purpose of this little “Lawlor” rant?  It’s time to identify my Priorities & Passions.

When I named my business (Balance Health Physio) I didn’t really understand the true meaning of the word Balance; seemed like a “Physio” kind if term.  But this year I really began to understand the meaning in terms of my life and my business.  When I ask someone to balance on one foot, their typical response is, “I’m all over the place”.  Exactly, that’s the body’s way of course correcting.  We sway back and forth, and when we stray too far, we fall over.  Thus is life. Thus is business.  Thus is health & wellness.

So this blog entry is a bit of a manifesto, a course correction to a way of life and business that falls more in line with my life priorities & passions.  As a health care practitioner/Physiotherapist I truly believe that the majority of issues I see can be chalked up to one BIG problem.  We don’t move anymore.  We’re tight and weak. A good soft tissue treatment helps in a pinch; but hate to break it to you, until address the root cause, it’s not going away.  I don’t mean to sound like I have all the answers (trust me I don’t) but it’s time we stop “tip toeing” around the bigger issues.  No one can do it for you.  You must make the decision to take the necessary steps needed to live “your” life. Or in the Physio world; Do Your Exercises!

In terms of my professional world, chronic health issues are an epidemic in itself.    To keep it simple, Physio’s have a Masters Level Education in movement & exercise.  So it’s time to start treating and educating clients on how to move well and move often.  I have a passion for wellness; physical, emotional and mental. I’ve been on both sides of this life scale.  Unhappy, over weight & out of shape, as well as passionate, healthy & fit.  I’m proud to say I lean more towards the latter these days, but it’s a constant “Balancing” act.  I needed a little help to find my new course, but once I found it, I was able to make the needed adjustments on my own.  You can too.

I want to empower people to be functionally “strong” and “healthy”. I use quotations because those terms mean something different for everyone.  It may mean lean and ripped, outdoorsy and calm, flexible and comfortable etc…  Like most of us, we simply need someone to help shed some light on the right path.  We just get so stuck in our old ways that we don’t know which way is up anymore.  Please don’t be intimidated by the word exercise.  Exercise is movement and movement is exercise.  My idea of “working out” is and should be different then yours.

So take some time and dream about what your ideal healthy self looks and feels like.  Once you see it, you can begin move towards it.  Is it that easy?  Tony Robbins would say yes. He would argue that over complicating decisions is the reason we fail to make change in the first place.  Trust me, I have over complicated writing this blog and launching a new business idea because I didn’t have all the details ironed out. Will it work? Is it a good idea? Will it be a success?  Screw it, just do it (hoping not to get a letter over that trademarked slogan!) and let the rest unfold as it will.  Action creates movement, small and large.  If you are “out of shape”, just breathe and walk today.  Trust that being present in the process is the goal.  Stop focusing on some arbitrary outcome and enjoy the ride.

Move More, Move Often,


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