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The McKenzie Method


The McKenzie Method is arguably the most extensively researched physiotherapy treatment system in existence. Centred around active patient involvement and education, the system has been adopted by highly trained health care professionals all over the world to assess, treat and prevent musculoskeletal conditions of the back, neck, and extremities. The primary focus is on empowering patients to take an active role in the rehabilitation process. Steve Lawlor is PEI’s only fully Certified McKenzie Therapist, using the McKenzie’s MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy) System to diagnose, treat and educated his clients.

There are 3 stages in the treatment process:

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The McKenzie Institute:

The McKenzie Institute is an international research and educational organization formed by the late Robin McKenzie to further the development of his physiotherapy and rehabilitation philosophies. There are branches in approximately thirty countries around the world to meet the growing demand for knowledge and education by both clinicians and their patients.

Did You Know?

  • Research has shown that the McKenzie assessment is as reliable as CT scans and MRIs in determining the source of patient pain and the potential for recovery, but only when administered by a properly trained clinician.

  • Many musculoskeletal problems can be rapidly reversed if they are properly assessed and treated. 50-70% of people with low back and leg pain rapidly improve when they are prescribed the correct treatment and exercises.

  • Clients who respond quickly often include patients who have not benefited from other health care treatments.

  • The McKenzie Method is the most researched physiotherapy treatment system in existence.