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Balance Health Running Lab

What is the POSE Method of Running?

  • The POSE Method® utilizes key postures or poses identified during movement. The Running Pose incorporates the whole body, vertically aligning shoulders, hips and ankles with the support leg while standing on the ball of the foot. Shifting from one leg to the other by falling forward and allowing gravity to do the work, the support foot is pulled from the ground, while the body falls forward; the other foot drops down freely in a change of support.
  • The POSE Method® was developed by Dr. Nicholas Romanov, a Russian Scientist and Olympic Track & Field Coach. In the absence of a standard running technique, Dr. Romanov studied the world’s best runners to assist in the development of the POSE Method® of running.
  • The method consists of three elements: Pose – Fall – Pull. It accepts gravity as the primary force for forward movement rather than muscular energy.
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What does a POSE Method Running Assessment consist of?

  • Detailed review of your running history and injuries
  • Full musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Video capture and analysis of your running biomechanics
  • Customized, evidence-based program for injury treatment and recovery
  • Therapeutic exercises to address impairments and imbalances
  • Discussion and education regarding footwear
  • Training program modifications
  • Duration and cost – 60 min, $85